Request From Southern Youth League

The Southern Youth League (Under-18?s) has asked if the CCL would be willing to take over their League next season as they no longer have sufficient administrators to run the competition.

The CCL Board met on Wednesday evening at short notice and decided unanimously that the offer should be accepted and it will now be recommended to the clubs for adoption at the AGM on Saturday 24 June. Many of the clubs playing in the SYL already have their senior sides in the CCL, of course.

The League is now writing to all the SYL sides from last season to confirm this information and to invite them to the AGM. Contact has been made with the FA who have not raised any objections and Chairman Chris Conlon is now busy setting up the rules, which will not greatly change, based as they are, upon the FA Standard rules for youth football.

There are, of course, a few matters to be resolved but it is an exciting development, especially given the launch of the Under-21 Division at the same time which will now run in tandem with the Under-18?s. Clubs and players within the CCL will have a clear path through from youth football to Under-21?s and thence to their senior sides.

The SYL had 14 member clubs last season, split into 2 divisions. That principle is likely to be maintained but 7 in a division is a fairly low number, and any clubs interested in joining either the Under-18 Divisions or the U21 Division (which will allow for a maximum of 4 overage players) are invited to make contact. (